This is a very sad day for us

This is a very sad day for us

Although we have never made much of it, the No Bend Pet Bowl is manufactured in China.

We constantly check what we were sending out to customers. This included No Bend Pet Bowls ordered from our website, via Amazon Prime or our many other online and physical retailers.

We had noticed that the quality was beginning to slip. And whilst this never affected any of our customers due to our UK quality checks - it has a big impact on us.

Unfortunately, despite multiple attempts to try and resolve issues with manufacturing quality we have now decided to cease manufacture of the No Bend Pet Bowl in it's current form.

To resolve the issues we will need to start again from scratch, and to do this is a much larger decision.

And so, perhaps indefinitely, the No Bend Pet Bowl is no longer available.

Thank you to all our customers and to all the nice comments we have received over the years.

If you came here looking for a No Bend Pet Bowl...sorry. Check back later as you never know.

Matt & Pam