These are a few we can think of, and we are sure you will as well.

Q. What colours are available? At the moment we make a red, light grey and black version. If you would like to see a specific colour for the future please let us know.

Q. What are our delivery charges? We don't charge for delivery to the UK. For orders outside of the UK, we currently charge:

USA & Canada:

1 bowl = £10.50
2+ bowls = £15.00


1 bowl = £11.50
2+ bowls = £16.00

For anywhere else, please email and ask for a quote but don't forget to tell us how many you want. info@nobenpetbowl.com

Q. What is the maximum length of the handle? You can extend the handle to 28 1/2" / 72 cm which should remove the need to bend down for most people.

Q. How big are the bowls? Each individual bowl holds two cups of food or a litre of liquid. So you could have a maximum of 4 cups of food or 2 litres of liquid per item.

Q. Are there different sizes available? There is only one size of bowl. See above for sizes.

Q. What is it made from? They're made from a plastic called Polypropylene which is sometimes known as PP. It's recyclable and is safe for use as food and liquid containers. Chances are you have loads of items made from PP in your house already, look underneath for the letters PP or a number 5.